Brands of JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov»

JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov» consists of three firearms brands: Kalashnikov, Baikal, and Izhmash. Moreover, «Concern «Kalashnikov» also launched new business endeavors that include remote weapon stations, unmanned aerial vehicles, and multi-functional special-purpose boats.


For more than 60 years until now, military firearms manufactured under Kalashnikov brand proved to be paragons of reliability and simplicity.


The hunters and firearms enthusiasts from five continents highly value firearms manufactured under Baikal brand. Baikal line includes more than 50 models, 200 modifications, and 1500 versions.


Basing on the military firearms platform of «Concern «Kalashnikov», sporting rifles and carbines under IZHMASH brand inherited legendary reliability and easy maintenance.

Zala Aero

ZALA AERO Group of companies is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Rybinsk Shipyard

Rybinsk Shipyard is a shipbuilder that possess full cycle of development including such stages as design, building, and sales of powerboats and motor yachts.

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JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov» is operating organization of Holding that develops and manufactures next generation military, civil, sport, and dual purpose products; moreover, the list of the products also consists of fully automatic assault rifles and ammunition.

Basing on 200 year old traditions of arms development and manufacture that represented a national shield of Russia, JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov» aims at enhancing of defense potential by setting new standards in the defense technology development and manufacture.