Step 1.

Production process

Concern Kalashnikov technologies allow to perform all the technological processes in-house. It makes the production turnout completely independent from external components supply.

Step 2.

Blank production process stage

This is the initial stage, where production materials are shaped into blanks of future component parts through forging, casting and sheet pressworking. While the sheet pressworking is gradually superseded by laser cutting.

Step 3.

Machining processes

A blank, obtained in the course of the blank production process, is processed on drilling, turning, milling and polishing,machines, as well as on numerically controlled machines, such as, ОЦ, ИР-500, ИР-320, Mikron,  Index, Traub, Leadwell and Diamond. These machines ensure processing with minimal number of emplacements/mountings, thus guaranteeing production of high quality parts. The machine tool fleet is regularly renewed with high-tech equipment.

Step 4.

Thermal processing stage

Thermal processing ensures parts compliance with the obligatory requirements to strength and hardness. Parts quenching and tempering are carried out in heat-treatment furnaces, such as, СНЦА, Ц90, СКЗА, ТАФ, Ibsen, etc. New equipment is deployed at the sections of ion-plasma nitriding and tenifer processess.

Step 5.

Barrel production processing stage

The Concern Kalashnikov uses a wide range of processes in barrel production, such as, boned finishing, speed and multistage reaming and straight gouging. Barrel grooves are made by forging on radial forging machines and by means of electrochemical pickling. The company is also planning to restore gone with the time but effective technologies, e.g. barrel grooves gouging. Designing of the equipment for such technologies is starting in the nearest future.

Step 6.

Galvanical, protective coating and painting processing stage

The required bore wear resistance is achieved due to application of special galvanic coatings. These works are carried out on speed chrome-plating lines, developed and produced at Concern enterprises. The existing equipment allows operations of cadmium coating, lead coating, anodic coating and application of other coatings, as well as phosphate treatment of parts surface.

Step 7.

Plastic casting processing stage

To produce plastic parts Company enterprises use casting machines, which ensure production of all the plastic parts range, required to equip products in accordance with the engineering documentation.

Step 8.

Assembly processing stage

Company equipment and personnel high skills allow to carry out assemblage of all the range of grooved and smoothbore products - from airguns to high-accuracy sniper rifles of high quality.