06 September 2016

Kalashnikov Group presents its first prototype of the new high precision sniper rifle VSV-338 during the Army-2016 Expo

Kalashnikov Group, which is incorporated in the State Corporation Rostec, during the international military and technical forum at “Army-2016” will for the first time present its prototype of the new modular high precision sniper rifle VSV-338. Its design is based on an aluminum alloy chassis and permits the rapid change of barrels.

The VSV-338 long range sniper rifle is designed for 338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, and can be used in all environmental conditions at ranges of up to 1 500 meters. Kalashnikov Group developed this new platform under their own initiative.

VSV-338 sniper rifle is of a modular design. It features a manual operated, rotary bolt action with three radial lugs that engage the barrel extension. Its two-stage trigger is adjustable for pull and position. The ambidextrous safety blocks the bolt, sear and trigger when engaged. The forend of the rifle features the Key-MOD system to attach accessories such as sling loops, bipods, and detachable Picatinny rails. The top of the receiver and forend have Picatinny rais that allow the user to mount iron and optical or night vision sights.

The rifle is equipped with a side-folding buttstock with an adjustable length of pull and cheek riser, and with height-adjustable rear support. The furniture (forend cover, pistol grip, and stock) is made from a high strength polymer and are ergonomically shaped, and well suited for right- or left-handed shooters.