07 December 2016

Russian biathlonist Anton Babikov has won a gold medal for excellent shooting the BI-7-4 Biathlon rifle manufactured by the Kalashnikov Group

The BI-7-4 Biathlon sporting rifles are manufactured in Izhevsk under the IZHMASH brand and designated for shooting at the range of 50 meters during the biathlon competitions. The rifle is developed for 5.6-mm (.22LR) cartridge of domestic and foreign production.

“We congratulate the Russian biathlon team on the great performance at the World Cup stage in Östersund. And I’m particularly glad that Anton Babikov has won the victory with the BI-7-4 rifle, it’s the best evaluation of the performance of the Kalashnikov Group employees”, said the Head of the Sports Projects of the Kalashnikov Group Ivan Tcherezov. “We are looking forward to participating in the coming competitions. We wish our team to gain emotional and memorable victories during the next stages of the World Cup”.

Today Evgeniy Garanichev, Anton Babikov, Aleksand Povarnitsyn, Olga Podchufarova and other distinguished Russian biathlonists choose the BI-7-4 rifles manufactured in Izhevsk to participate in international competitions.

In September 2016, as a part of the agreement concluded with the Russian Biathlon Union, the Kalashnikov Group equipped the national Russian team with the modernized BI-7-4 biathlon rifles.

The BI-7-4 rifle is based on the previous models showing perfect accuracy at -20С and featuring smooth movement of the trigger group. These new features make it possible to simplify and accelerate the reloading process and improve the rapidity of fire.

The Kalashnikov Group congratulates the Russian biathlonists on the great performance at the World Cup stage in Östersund and wishes our team new victories!