30 January 2017

Kalashnikov Group, which is incorporated in the State Corporation Rostec will create new 1700 jobs and increase the number of the production staff by at least 30% due to the growing volume of export orders.

“The decision to strengthen the personnel of the Kalashnikov Group was taken amid the production orders growth due to the increased volume of export orders”, said Alexey Krivoruchko, CEO of the Kalashnikov Group. “We are facing a challenging task to handle the growing demand. To execute orders, starting from April 2017, the company will start working in three shifts”.

Following the results of 2016, the average number of employees of the company comprised 6500 people. The personnel will hold positions at the production facilities in Izhevsk, where small arms, high precision and special equipment, tools and instruments are produced.

New staff members will work in the production divisions and occupy such positions as operators, polishers, toolmakers, milling machine operators, press and other machines operators, etc.

New staff members will pass the comprehensive training program in the School of Industrial Training of the Kalashnikov Group where the new employees would be able to get a primary briefing, learn how to work with high-tech machine equipment in the workshops and study the company’s internal regulations. This approach helps candidates to adapt and fully discharge their responsibilities from the very first working day.