14 February 2017

Kalashnikov Group made first delivery of Saiga-12C to National Drug Enforcement Administration (BNN) of Indonesia.

Kalashnikov Group which is incorporated in the State Corporation Rostec, has made  the first shipment of smoothbore rifles Saiga 12-C to the National Drug Enforcement Administration (BNN) of Indonesia. The delivery is strategically important to expand the scope of civilian weapon export market and to strengthen cooperation with the foreign customers.

In addition to supplying the civilian products, the Kalashnikov Group experts held training sessions and demonstrational shootings for the employees of the National Drug Enforcement Administration (BNN) of Indonesia.

The Saiga-12C rifle is highly reliable and tested service and civilian weapon that has become well-established on the market of small arms. This rifle is equipped with folding frame buttstock and a rubber shock-absorbing butt plate that provides effective control of heavy 12-gauge recoil. A hinged receiver cover has a Picatinny -type rail to install various sighting devices including red-dot sights. The rifle is equipped with adjustable open sighting devices just as the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Additional Picatinny rails in the lower part of the polymer fore-end and under the gas block on the barrel make it easy to install various accessories, such as a pistol grip or an underbarrel flashlight. Expanded magazine chamber provides faster reloading.