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Kalashnikov Concern will take part in the International Defenсe Exhibition IDEX-2015

Moscow, 19 February 2015
Press release

Kalashnikov Concern (part of the State Corporation ROSTEC) is participating in the 12-th International Defense Exhibition IDEX-2015, where it will show more than 20 leading-edge models of small arms. High spot in the Company’s exposition will be given to the 5.56mm AK101 Kalashnikov assault rifle, equipped with a modernization set, 9mm Vityaz-SN submachine gun and 18.5 KS-K special carbine with box magazine. The exhibition will be held from 22 through 26 February 2015 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Kalashnikov Concern will demonstrate a wide range of the hundredth series Kalashnikov assault rifles, which are in great demand. They are reliable, failure-free and boast high accuracy of fire. Among other exhibits Concern will present SVD and SVDS Dragunov sniper rifles, SV-98 and SV-99 sniper rifles, AN-94 Nikonov assault rifle, Krasnopol and Kitolov-2M artillery guided weapon systems.

The AK101Kalashnikov assault rifle is an individual weapon of the Army and special-operations units. It is made of up-to-date materials featuring impact resistance and endurance to environmental conditions. The folding butt makes the assault rifle convenient while moving, transporting and landing. AK 101 allows for attaching the 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher or knife bayonet. It is also provided with a side rail to accommodate the optical or night-vision sights.

Vityaz-SN features the iron sight and provides the ability to mount the collimating and optical sights. The special purpose shotgun equipped with the 18.5 KS-K box-type magazine, is patterned after Kalashnikov assault rifle. The minimum number of parts makes it easy to disassemble and assemble the shotgun. Therefore, the shotgun is simple to operate, requires little maintenance and offers an opportunity to gain shooting experience. 

Concern Kalashnikov aslo will display the advanced products for the civil market such as shotguns Saiga MK ver.107, scatterguns of the 12 caliber Saiga-12S EXP-01-030 and Saiga-12 ver.340, shotgun Saiga-9, and sporting rifle Record-338, etc.

IDEX is traditionally held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The Concern exhibition stand is 09-C30. The visitors of Concern Kalashnikov stand will see the interactive installation and learn about the brand-new 3D models of boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. The virtual camera roams around the model enabling visitors of the stand to zoom in and out and switch to other virtual cameras that gives an opportunity to examine the model from every side and get the complete information about it.