Full length:

1978 mm


46 kg


The GSh-301 is designed for the MIG-29, SU-27 and other modern aircrafts. The cannon can be mounted in two variants – fixed or moving. The cannon has a single-barrel recoil type automatic mechanism. Feeding is two-sided from a cartridge belt. Ammunition – 30 mm high explosive incendiary and armor-piercing tracer rounds for easy-armored ground, water surface or air targets. The automatics operate on barrel recoil energy. Fire control is remote, from the 27 V power source. There is an auxiliary igniter to eliminate misfire.       

The GSh-301 is fastened to the mount with:

  • front support, a spherical surface that takes up recoil force and transfers it to the mount reinforced support;
  • rear support, i.e. breech guides that fix the cannon on the mount and prevent it from turning around;
  • additional support, a front cylindrical surface of the barrel that supports the barrel on the mount.